Black Widow’s Project

BWP’s music is a unique genre of rock n’ roll, on one side they possess this very pure and rough sense of fuzzy textured sound and at the same time an emotionally mature and stunning way of doing things. Al Castro’s intense and genuine vocal delivery, channels his rage and hopes through a beautiful distorded voice that shakes your soul at the most profound. The strength and intensity of his lyrics, always maintain a sense of melody no matter how heavy.

They qualified their style as “Deep rock”, a hot and visceral mixture between grunge, classic rock, stoner and they sure achieve to unites noble tones from the old days with today’s ruthless genre mix. Formed in 2010 by the lead singer-guitarist Al Castro and the drummer Math Sink, they quickly realize their first EP called “Benefit Of The Doubt” which arouse great interest among the audience and in underground venues. After several lineup changes, Raph Despas and Davy McFly joined the band which allows them to find an even more powerful and personal sound.


Daydream Emergency (LP – 2017)
Black Widow's Project
Heavy Heart (LP – 2013)
Benefit Of The Doubt (EP – 2010)

Press quotes

«A monumental debut album from the swiss which simply can not be ignored. Heavy Heart unites noble tones from the old days with today’s ruthless genre mix, there really is not a single dull moment on this album.»

Skrikzine [norwegian review]

“Black Widow’s Project play an exciting blend of Hard Rock, Punk, Grunge and Stoner Rock with asnarling attitude to match the hugely enjoyable riffs on show.”

The Sludge Lord [US review]

«The stoner/down tuned/desert rock melodies kept me hooked from beginning to end.»

The Soda Shop [US review]

«Here we are dealing with an appreciable release moving in hard rock tracks interspersed with both strong bluesy moments and with strong 70’s heavy rock references, but without missing the sound of the band the necessary dirty grunge / stoner elements.The album based by explosive riffs that unleashes the guitarist and aim to be nailed directly to the mind of the listener.»

Welcome To The Void [Greek review]